About Us

Writer/storytellers Scotte and Toni Burns explore the Heart of America, seeking and sharing stories of her deep and abiding loves – of one another, of the things we do, and of the American places we call home.

Come with us on a journey through podcasts, video, writing and photos as America reveals the many ways and tales of love within her!

To go to our main website: www.LoveInAmerica.us

It All Started with a Ride

Finding happiness in life with one another for over thirty-four years, Toni and I have shared it in unusual ways, through several careers, raising kids, throwing swords around while working Renaissance Festivals, years spent together in the music business, and indulging our shared love for motorcycle travel across America. On those long rides, we’ve talked to people from all over the country, who, after discovering how long we’ve been together, invariably ask our secrets to that happiness in life and in lifelong love, as if we must have them. We could never answer those questions, though. Like beauty or humor or love itself, we know it when we see it, but how are we supposed to define it, or reveal it so that others can understand it?

We knew who to ask for that insight, though: America herself.

So, five years ago, we began planning rides that would take us across America for weeks or months at a time, from cities to farms, desert reservations to coastal communities, college campuses and truck stops, asking Americans of every stripe and hue what makes them happy together, what gives life meaning; what do they think love is; how is it found, and how is it kept? What are the roads to Happily-Ever-After?

Among motorcycle travelers, especially between “longriders” like us, there is a saying that, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.” What we continue to discover in our search for America’s thoughts about life and love have followed that same road. It turns out that it really isn’t about finding answers at all – answers that change over time and aren’t the same for everyone in every time and place. The wisdom of love has instead been found in asking the right questions, because answers are destinations, and once you think you’ve found one, you stop questing, and a journey ends. But the questions are the journey, and it’s the journey that makes us who we are constantly becoming, as couples, as human beings, and as Americans.

What you will find on our main site then, and in our podcasts, books and presentations, is the ongoing story of what it means today to be in love in, and in love with, America. You won’t find the meaning of life in our work, but you will find its many expressions. You won’t find answers to the Great Questions, but you’ll discover instead that you’re not alone in asking them, and that means that you’re never really alone at all. In short, what we hope you’ll find is the wisdom of America’s people and their roads to Happily-Ever-After, both the painted blacktop and the metaphors, that are revealed over the miles as we ask Americans what it means to be happy together, what is our place in the world and with each other? What does it mean to be in love in America today – in love with our mates, our lives, with our deepest passions for place and purpose? Riding along with us on this quest, you’ll also learn the wonders of the American highway – who makes the best chili, the worst drivers, the most profound memorials and the funniest local events? So, we also hope you’ll be be renewed, as we constantly are, by what is means to be in love with America, as well.

Ours is a road to America’s heart, soul and funny bone that we’re delighted to share as we chase the sun to find Lovin America.